P F Stock financial data
P F Fund Screener (screen funds based on category, cost, risk, and performance)
P F Stock Quickrank (rank stocks based on preselected criteria)
P F Stock Compare (evaluate stocks to see which have the highest returns, the best grades, the most favourable valuation ratios, and much more)
P F ETF Screener
P F Portfolio Manager (Basic)
P Fund Compare (compare funds side-by-side)
P Morningstar Stock Analyst Reports (1,700+ North American stocks with buy/sell recommendations, and the Morningstar Rating™ for stocks)
P ETF Analyst Reports
P Similar Funds (enter a fund and find similar funds based on holdings and performance)
P Heat Maps (choose an index and see what stocks are leading and trailing the pack)
P Library (search for articles dating back to 2002)
P Portfolio X-Ray (give your portfolio a thorough eight-point analysis instantly and uncover exposure to sectors, style and more)
P Advanced Fund Selector Tool (build your own criteria to filter through thousands of funds)
P Advanced Stock Screener (build your own criteria to filter through thousands of stocks)

Premium Membership – Take Control of your Investments

Premium Membership provides you with access to the information/tools necessary to make better investing decisions. Users gain access to easy-to-use portfolio management tools, select investment ideas, and independent in-depth analyst reports. These tools can be used to review various investment types including Canadian Mutual Funds, North American Stocks, and ETFs.

Analyst Reports

Research your options for mutual funds, segregated funds, and ETFs with our independent and insightful Analyst Reports. Get independent insight and candid analysis on 300+ Canadian investments.

Advanced Screeners

Find the best stocks, funds and ETFs with our powerful screeners. Use preset screeners developed by our analysts or create your own. Plus, save what you create.


Access our extensive lineup of Morningstar Analyst Reports and editorial articles dating back to 2002.

Portfolio X-Ray

Give your portfolio a thorough eight-point analysis instantly and uncover exposure to sectors, style and more.

Free Membership

Track your investments, access daily market news and commentary, and view snapshots of investments.

Quicktake Reports

Fund, stock and ETF reports offer complete and accurate data on holdings, performance and risk, and include interactive graphs, the latest company filings and press releases.

Articles and videos

Get timely, insightful and informative articles and videos on investing, and expanded news coverage on the latest market developments.


Build your own lists of funds, stocks, and ETFs, and monitor their performance against a benchmark.